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If your business is looking for fire protection companies in Houston, you need our experts on your side. A fire could put you, your employees, and your customers at risk of severe injury or death. Plus, a fire’s damage to property and equipment can be enough to put even the most robust operations out of business.

The Experts in Fire Safety

The Experts in Fire Safety

For 79 years, we’ve guided companies through the complexities of fire safety requirements. We ensure that your life safety systems meet requirements so you can focus on your Houston business and what matters most.

Don’t wait until you have a fire scare to start thinking about fire services. Most businesses are required by law to have some fire protection measures, even if it is just an extinguisher and a sprinkler system. But, unfortunately, meeting the bare minimum fire protection regulations doesn’t offer your business the kind of protection that can help you avert a major disaster.

Our fire services specialize in life safety systems. No business is too big or too small. We proudly work with local companies and large commercial brands. A preventative fire protection service saves lives and reduces damages caused by fires. We proudly offer our valued customers the following services:

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Industrial Fire offers a fire suppression and protection services tailored to any size business's needs, from neighborhood restaurants to large commercial spaces and everything else in between.
Our service is backed by our Rest Easy Guarantee™.
Fire Alarms
Industrial Fire inspects and provides required preventative maintenance for most brands of fire alarm systems and installs systems from a range of high-quality manufacturers. READ MORE
Fire Compliance Services in Houston, TX
Are you looking for reliable fire compliance services? Look no further than our team at Industrial Fire. We have served the area with world-class service for over almost eight decades. READ MORE
ANSUL System Installation and Maintenance in Houston
Is your business looking for ANSUL® system installation in Houston, Texas? At Industrial Fire, we know ANSUL® systems inside and out. READ MORE
Are you a business or fire department looking for fire hose testing in Houston, TX? If you are going to rely on a hose to put out a fire, you need to ensure that it is regularly inspected and maintained. READ MORE
Wet Chemical Extinguishing System
Industrial Fire is a recognized leader in kitchen fire suppression. Count on us to provide the utmost protection for your operation. READ MORE
CO2 Fire Suppression Systems in Houston, TX
We provide fast response and immediate service. Contact us to speak to a fire prevention expert today. READ MORE
fire door certification houston tx
Fire Doors play an important piece of slowing the spread of fire. Don’t overlook your Fire Doors Annual Inspection. The Industrial Fire team is fully trained and has completed NFPA 80 certification. Talk to us today. READ MORE
Proper maintenance of exit & emergency lights during annual inspections is required for U.S. businesses. Owners can test their own exit and emergency lights monthly by pressing the external button and confirming that the light illuminates. READ MORE
Fire Extinguisher Services in Houston, TX
Are you looking for robust fire extinguisher service in Houston, TX? Industrial Fire offers a wide range of fire extinguisher services for businesses in the Houston area.  READ MORE
Kitchen Hood Suppression System Inspection in Houston
Alarm Monitoring
Industrial Fire offers fire alarm monitoring. What this means to you is that Industrial Fire makes certain that your system will communicate with emergency officials and property managers should a fire emergency occur. READ MORE
Clean Agent Systems
Whether your organization requires the “greenest,” the most cost-effective, or the most globally accepted fire suppression solutions available, clean agent suppression systems can be highly customized to meet these needs. READ MORE
We offer comprehensive fire alarm inspections for businesses, organizations, and restaurants of all sizes. READ MORE
ABC Fire Extinguishers
Industrial Fire sells the most sought after ABC fire extinguishers including brands like ANSUL® and Amerex. READ MORE
Food Trucks
Semi-annual inspections are the minimum requirement for commercial kitchens and we anticipate the same with Food Trucks. This maintenance includes a semi-annual inspection with key elements. Talk to an Industrial Fire expert today for your food truck fire service needs. READ MORE
Fire Extinguisher Training in Houston, TX
Make certain you are up-to-date with your fire extinguisher training and your fire extinguishers with Industrial Fire. READ MORE
Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems in Houston, TX
We provide fast response and immediate service. Contact us to speak to a fire prevention expert today. READ MORE
Cloud Kitchens
Semi-annual inspections are the minimum requirement for commercial kitchens and we anticipate the same with Cloud Kitchens. Contact us today to learn more about our semi-annual inspections and repeat preventative maintenance. READ MORE
Paint Booths
Industrial Fire also installs paint spray booth fire suppression systems by leading manufacturers. READ MORE
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Kitchen Knights

Industrial Fire is an authorized partner for some of the most dependable names in fire protection.

Industrial Fire is an authorized partner for some of the most dependable names in fire protection.


Industrial Fire doesn’t just install fire alarm systems. We also provide alarm monitoring services to alert emergency personnel when a fire is detected in your facilities. With our fire alarm monitoring services, you can rest easy knowing that local emergency services will be contacted within seconds of a fire detected in your business or home.

Fire moves fast. A quick response from emergency services could be the difference between losing lives and property and putting out a fire before it can do severe damage. Our fire alarm monitoring service also notifies us of issues with your fire alarm system. We’ll quickly send out a technician to resolve any technical problems with your monitoring system to protect your facilities.

Fires don’t wait to happen when someone is around to report them. Get 24/7/365 fire alarm monitoring and keep your building safe even when no one is around.

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Get to Know Industrial Fire

We are a family-owned and operated fire protection business. Industrial Fire has proudly served Texas for over seven decades. Fire protection technology has greatly changed since we started doing business in 1945. Still, one thing hasn’t changed: our commitment to providing the best fire protection and equipment available.

At Industrial Fire, we are proud to work with small, local businesses and partner with large brands and institutes of higher learning. Fire protection is important for everyone. Industrial Fire works with restaurants, food trucks, industrial facilities, schools, universities, churches, daycares, commercial offices, retail stores, manufacturing facilities, and more.

Our fire protection and security systems are tailored to the size and needs of your establishment. We are a full-service company with partnerships with leading fire protection brands, including ANSUL®, Amerex, and Pyro-Chem.

Operating an establishment comes with enough stress. Fire safety and preventative maintenance don’t need to be one of them. Industrial Fire inspects and covers all your fire protection needs, including fire alarms, extinguishers, fire suppression security systems, and maintenance. We are here to help you.

If you’re ready to increase your fire protection measures, talk to our Industrial Fire customer service in your service area today for a FREE quote and fire safety evaluation.

Flame suppression has always been a big piece of fire protection. In a less technically advanced time, water would be used from hoses or fire sprinklers to suppress flames and put out fires. The fire protection industry has advanced past simple water. A typical fire suppression tool many businesses must have is an extinguisher.

We offer our customers many types of extinguishers. Two standard fire extinguishers, ABC or BC, are from Amerex and ANSUL®. We also offer Type K, CO2, Halotron, and many other extinguishers.

ABC fire extinguishers can put out class A, B, and C fires, and BC extinguishers can be used on class B and C fires. These extinguishers offer safer and better results than water. In addition to extinguishers, we also sell and install fire protection systems. These are not your ordinary fire sprinkler systems. Instead, we offer technically advanced fire equipment that includes wet chemical extinguishing systems, ANSUL® systems, clean agent systems, and extinguishing systems explicitly designed for data centers.

Contact us for a fire safety evaluation today.

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