Fire Protection Services Mt Belvieu, TX

fire protection services Mt Belvieu

Back in Roman times, people would pass buckets of water to one another to throw on a fire. Fortunately, firefighting methods have come a long way since then! However, the fact that our understanding of what causes fires and our ability to track those instances has risen dramatically is just as significant. Utilizing fire protection services Mt Belvieu into practice can go a long way toward securing the safety of both people and property.

Residential fires often dominate media headlines; however, fires in commercial buildings can result in significant property damage and endanger the lives of numerous individuals, sometimes even hundreds.

Annually, over 100,000 fires occur.

While there has been a slight decrease in commercial building fires in recent decades, the financial impact of fire damage has increased. It is estimated that fires in commercial properties lead to more than $2.4 billion in damages and insurance compensations every year. Notably, 52 percent of larger fires occurred in buildings that either lacked smoke detectors or had malfunctioning ones.

Industrial Fire is the Protection Services Experts in Mont Belvieu, TX

Since 1945, our fire protection service has assisted businesses in successfully navigating the intricate maze of today’s fire safety regulations. We ensure that all of your life safety systems are up to code so that you can concentrate on running your business and addressing the most important issues.

Do not put off thinking about hiring a fire protection agency until you are faced with a potential fire hazard. Even if it is nothing more than a fire extinguisher and a sprinkler system, most commercial establishments in Mont Belvieu, Texas, are obliged by law to have some fire protection. But, unfortunately, simply complying with the laws for fire protection that are bare minimums will not provide your company with the kind of protection to avoid a serious catastrophe.

Our fire protection service specializes in the installation and maintenance of various life safety devices. We are delighted to work with small and large commercial brands based in the city of Mont Belvieu, TX area. We provide the following services:

  • Fire prevention
  • Fire alarm monitoring
  • Performing inspections and maintenance on fire safety systems

We Can Monitor Fire Alarms 24/7

Besides fire prevention services, our alarm monitoring solutions ensure that first responders and the Mont Belvieu fire department are promptly alerted when a fire is detected in any of your business premises.

Our fire alarm monitoring services offer peace of mind, as local emergency services will be notified within seconds if a fire occurs at your business or residence.

A swift response from the fire brigade could mean the difference between significant loss of life and property and extinguishing a fire before it inflicts substantial damage.

Interestingly, while only 31% of office fires take place between 7 pm and 7 am, they account for 67% of property damage.

Having fewer people on-site at night, or in some cases, no one at all, presents a double-edged sword. Although the risk of fires starting may be lower, if a fire does ignite, the chances of containing it before it spreads also diminish.

A similar situation arises with fires that begin over the weekend. While only 19% of workplace fires happen during weekends, these fires contribute to 31% of the total annual property damage cost. Business owners and property managers cannot be on-site 24/7, which is why professional monitoring of life safety alarm systems is essential for businesses.

Fire Protection Services in Mont Belvieu, Texas

Every year, commercial buildings in the United States are subject to inspections to ensure that specific life safety components have received the appropriate level of maintenance.

Fire protection equipment is only effective if it is working and up to date. At Industrial Fire, our services include the following:

  • The sale and installation of fire suppression systems.
  • The performance of routine inspections.
  • The provision of maintenance work.

This helps ensure that your fire protection systems are always ready to respond to any fire emergency and to keep the Mont Belvieu community safe.

Electrical problems are responsible for 18% of the fires that start in warehouses.

Daisy-chaining extension cables and overloading electrical circuits may wreak havoc on an electrical system and are the primary causes of fires that break out in warehouses and other storage facilities. However, electrical faults can be kept to a minimum by regularly performing preventative maintenance and inspections. In addition, following the legal requirements for the correct manner to utilize electrical cords is another crucial step in the battle against overloading circuits.

Industrial Fire can check your premises to ensure that you are operating safely and within the law regarding fire protection. Our fire protection inspection services comprise a comprehensive 28-point maintenance package that guarantees your fire safety system is in full compliance with all of the requirements set forth by the law. In addition to this, the experts from Industrial Fire inspection will check to see that all of the components of your fire suppression system are operational and will put out flames as required.

There is no way to predict when a fire will start. We sincerely hope there will never be a fire at your place of business. Still, you must be ready for any emergency that may arise. Rest easy in the knowledge that the effectiveness of your fire protection measures, including each fire alarm and fire extinguisher, as well as the operation of your fire suppression system, is subjected to thorough inspections by a devoted team of fire professionals.

Fires don’t strike on a set schedule. We offer emergency services for those moments that fall outside of regular business hours and on holidays.