Is A 20 Year Old Fire Extinguisher Still Good?

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Feb 14,2023
Is a 20 year old fire extinguisher still good

Are you concerned about the age and safety of old fire extinguishers located around your business? Is a 20 year old fire extinguisher still good?

You are asking the right question. You are being prudent concerning the safety of your staff and premises. After all, as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states there were approximately 120,000 non-residential structure fires that resulted in caused 110 civilian fire deaths. It’s so important that you understand the lifespan of fire extinguishers and when they need replacing. This is a topic you can read in the post below.

What is the Lifespan of a Fire Extinguisher? Is a 20 year old fire extinguisher still good?

A fire extinguisher’s lifespan depends on when it was manufactured and the type of extinguisher. Generally, a fire extinguisher has an expected service life of between 5 and 25 years from the date of manufacture. The environment has much to do with how well the extinguisher holds up. Also, how diligent has the owner been with required annual preventative maintenance? A full annual preventative maintenance and inspection is necessary to ensure that the fire extinguisher is still in good working condition and has not been damaged.

When Should You Replace Your Fire Extinguisher?

OSHA (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.157(e)(3).) recommends that any fire extinguishers be visually inspected every month and receive a full annual preventative maintenance at least once a year to ensure proper working order. Additionally, any fire extinguisher that is damaged should be immediately replaced, regardless of whether it has been visually inspected or tested. It is important to remember that a fire extinguisher does not last forever and may need to be replaced more often depending on usage and storage conditions.

Signs That Your Fire Extinguisher Needs Replacing

It’s important to check your fire extinguisher regularly to ensure it is still in good working order. Look for any obvious signs that the extinguisher may be faulty or no longer effective, such as rust, dents, damage to the nozzle or valve, leaks around the pin cover, or a clogged pressure gauge.

Additionally, suppose your extinguisher has been in service for over 20 years? In some cases, it is also possible that the internal components have begun to deteriorate and should be replaced.

Can an Expired Fire Extinguisher Still Be Used? It may not be certified but that doesn’t mean it won’t put out a fire.

Unfortunately, an expired fire extinguisher is not reliable. That doesn’t mean it won’t work in some cases in an emergency. Why rely on luck and God’s grace alone? It is crucial to ensure your fire extinguishers are up-to-date and ready for use at all times. If a fire extinguisher is older than 20 years or outdated according to the manufacturer’s specifications, then you might want to replace to be prepared for a fire. An expired fire extinguisher may not have the correct amount of pressure and/or chemical composition to effectively suppress a fire.

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