Is it cheaper to recharge or replace a fire extinguisher?

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Feb 14,2023
Is it cheaper to recharge or replace a fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is a must-have fire protection system and solution if you are a business owner or own commercial buildings. It’s an effective and efficient way to contain or put out small fires. Without one, you are putting yourself, your building, and our occupants at risk of damages and injuries. Here you can find out the answer to the question, is it cheaper to recharge or replace a fire extinguisher?

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Recharging A Fire Extinguisher

In some cases, a fire extinguisher cannot be repaired. Then you must replace it, depending on its condition and some other circumstances. For starters, it must be recharged if you have used it. However, you can also recharge it if it’s in good condition with no damage. Be glad to know that our company is certified to help you recharge your fire extinguisher in Houston, TX. 

Signs You Need to Recharge it

If your fire extinguisher has been used recently but is in good condition otherwise, then a recharge is in order. Even if a small amount of pressure has been accidentally released, then it will need to be recharged until the arrow is back in “the green.” The only exception here is the smallest 2.5 lb. ABC fire extinguishers. Industrial Fire does not recharge the little 2.5 lb ABCs – the financials don’t make sense to anybody. 2.5 lb. ABC extinguishers need replacing at either the 6-year mark or if the extinguisher has been used.

Replacing A Fire Extinguisher

One rule of thumb is to replace your fire extinguisher every 12 years, even if nothing is wrong with it. Industrial Fire finds this rule of thumb to be excessive. Industrial Fire prefers to keep well-maintained fire extinguishers in service as long as possible (with the exception of 2.5 lb ABC fire extinguishers which we recommend replacing at the 6-year mark or after being used). A proper, industrial-quality fire extinguisher manufactured by either Amerex or ANSUL can last for decades. Keep records of when it has been recharged or replaced. Fire extinguisher recharging services will not be an option if there is any sign of structural damage to the cylinder. 

Signs You Need to Replace it

If you notice any signs of damage or it doesn’t keep the pressure up, then it needs to be replaced altogether. For example, do you have a broken or missing pin on the handle, or is the handle unstable? Do you see visible rust or corrosion or a cracked hose or nozzle? Does it have slow pressure loss, or is it missing an inspection tag? Often, we can repair these deficiencies and keep the extinguisher in service. If not, then the end user must replace your fire extinguisher immediately. 

Is it cheaper to recharge or replace a fire extinguisher?

In some cases, replacing a small canister might be cheaper than recharging it, specifically with 2.5 lb. ABC fire extinguishers. However, recharging might be the best route if there is no damage and you own a larger fire extinguisher. It may be better to replace it, though, if there are noticeable signs of needing replacing since if you don’t, it may not work right if there’s a fire. You’ll have costly damages to cover. If you aren’t sure which is necessary or more economical in your situation, then give us a call, and we can offer expert advice. 

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