Can Anyone Install Fire Extinguishers?

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Feb 14,2023
Can anyone install fire extinguishers

Can Anyone Install Fire Extinguishers? While feasible, it can be risky, and it’s wiser to seek assistance from a certified expert.

Fire extinguishers are not universally applicable and are available in various categories, depending on their intended use. For instance, a Class C extinguisher is designed for electrical appliances or fires caused by electrical wiring, while Class K is specifically intended for kitchen fires. Regrettably, many individuals presume that nearly anyone can set up fire extinguishers, as long as they function properly. However, what regulations govern the installation of fire extinguishers in Texas?

Who Can Install Fire Extinguishers in Texas?

As per NFPA 10, portable fire extinguishers must be provided and maintained in most businesses. In addition, the Texas Administrative Code states that an individual with an FEL-B, FEL-K, or FEL-A license or can install, certify, or service all types of portable fire extinguishers.

What Happens if You Install Fire Extinguishers Without the Appropriate Certification?

As you can see, there are very strict regulations regarding installing fire extinguishers. However, many people may think that because it is not a strictly enforced practice, they might think it is easier to install fire extinguishers themselves. 

But doing this does not only mean they find themselves on the receiving end of a hefty fine if they are found to be installing fire extinguishers without the proper protocol, but the reality is that you are doing your property or business a disservice by sidestepping this all-important regulation. 

If you think it’s easy to install fire extinguishers, the reality is that you need to find an individual or company that the State Fire Marshal properly licenses. This also includes testing and regular inspections.

Put simply, if you think you can install fire extinguishers, doing so without the proper knowledge and background could result in a faulty fire extinguisher not being fit for purpose. It may not work when you need it. This is why it’s critical to work with companies like Industrial Fire Protection Services who understand the finite details of installing fire extinguishers and have the right knowledge and expertise, ensuring that you understand how best to utilize fire extinguishers if and when a fire occurs.

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