Are you a business or fire department looking for fire hose testing in Houston, TX? If you are going to rely on a hose to put out a fire, you need to ensure that it is regularly inspected and maintained.

Emergencies don’t happen on a set schedule, which is why regular hose testing is essential. When a fire strikes, your fire hose needs to operate as intended or there could be fatalities, serious burn injuries, and untold amounts of property damage.

Not only is testing important to ensure that your equipment is properly functioning but regular inspections and maintenance are required by law in Houston. Failure to comply with local Houston and federal laws and regulations will not only result in costly fines, but it could also be embarrassing for your business, especially if a fire breaks out and your fire hoses fail to function properly.

At Industrial Fire, we know there are a lot of fire regulations to consider and comply with. We also know that you are running a business, and it can be difficult to stay on top of all of your fire safety regulations while trying to run daily operations. We are here to help your business stay compliant, ensure your fire hoses are functioning properly, and provide other important fire protection services for businesses in the Houston area.


A fire hose is likely not the only fire protection measure you have in your business. Don’t worry, at Industrial Fire, we can help you handle the full range of fire protection services and inspections. However, when it comes to fire hoses, we want to share the basic inspection requirements and services we provide Houston businesses.

  • Fire hose inspections and maintenance
  • Additional fire hose maintenance services


In Houston, the minimum requirement all businesses must meet for fire hoses is an annual inspection and maintenance. If the only thing you are concerned about is remaining compliant, Industrial Fire can ensure that your business meets all regulations. We aim to simplify the compliance process for our customers so they can rest easy knowing that their fire safety equipment is functioning properly and focus on running their business.

As previously stated, an annual inspection is the minimum safety requirement for fire hoses. This includes maintenance and vehicle inspections if you are a fire department. At Industrial Fire, we take a comprehensive approach to fire hose inspection and maintenance. First, we begin with the exterior of the hose. Once a total external examination has been completed, we will perform a thorough visual inspection. Finally, we turn our focus to the couplings and the nozzles of your hoses.
Besides a tear or other damage to the body of the fire hose, the majority of issues present themselves in the nozzle and couplings. Nozzles and couplings might be simple mechanisms, but issues in these areas can suppress water and cause the hose to malfunction. The fire damages associated with a bad hose could be devastating to your business.

At Industrial Fire, we have an extensive nozzle testing process to ensure the functionality of your nozzles. Don’t overlook the importance of nozzle testing your hoses. Get expert guidance and assistance.


Industrial Fire can help you meet the minimum required regulations, but if you want true peace of mind, you should consider additional maintenance. Industrial Fire also provides a 5-year hydrostatic test and maintenance service. Organizations like the Houston Fire Department are required by law to perform a hydrostatic test on their fire hoses every five years.

Your business might not be subject to the same regulations as the Houston Fire Department, but if you want to feel confident in the ability of your fire hose, follow the regulations that the professional firefighters have to meet. Don’t take a chance on the safety of your employees, property, or business. Trust the experts at Industrial Fire to inspect and maintain your fire hoses.


Most businesses have more than just fire hoses as part of their fire safety plans. At Industrial Fire, we want to be your full-service fire safety partner. We work with a number of commercial businesses and local restaurants in Texas and take pride in helping keep businesses safe. Besides fire hose inspection and testing, we have experts that can help with a number of other fire safety services too, including:

  • Kitchen suppression system inspections and installation
  • Inspections and maintenance for fire extinguishers
  • Inspection and repair for emergency lights
  • Fire alarm installation, maintenance, and monitoring
  • Emergency support
  • And much more!

If you’re operating a business in Houston, TX, take fire safety into your own hands and hire a team of experts. Industrial Fire is proud to work with businesses both large and small. Contact us today to speak with an Industrial Fire expert and get a FREE quote and no-obligation fire hose safety evaluation for your business.



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