Are you looking for a robust Houston fire extinguisher service? Industrial Fire offers a wide range of extinguisher services for businesses in the Houston Texas area.

All U.S. businesses are required by law to have a fire extinguisher and maintain it properly. However, did you know there are several different fire extinguishers? Do you know which type the best choice for your business is? To get the best fire protection for your business, you need to partner with an experienced fire protection services company with a team of licensed technicians.

We sell some of the industry’s best fire extinguishers at Industrial Fire. Still, our Houston fire extinguisher service continues beyond sales. Our expert team is also proud to offer fire extinguisher inspections, testing, maintenance, and training. Don’t fail to take fire safety seriously. You never know when you’re going to need your fire extinguishers, so making sure they work correctly and you know how to use them is the most important part.

Choose the Right Fire Extinguisher 

There are five different classes of fire, A, B, C, D, and K. Each fire is different and requires the proper fire extinguishers to put it out. At Industrial Fire, we sell ABC and BC fire extinguishers. You can use ABC or BC fire extinguishers to put out all of the most common fires your business is likely to face. However, you won’t be able to use a BC fire extinguisher to put out a class A fire. Here is a reference summary of each of the three main fire classes.


  • Class A Fire – common fire using a combustible such as wood, paper, cloth, plastic, rubber
  • Class B Fire – fires fueled by combustible and flammable liquids or gasses, such as gasoline, butane, oil paint
  • Class C Fire – fires originated from electrical energized sources, such as faulty wires or a dryer


The fire extinguisher installation your business needs might vary depending on local laws and regulations. But ABC fire extinguishers will cover the minimum safety requirements most businesses need to meet the fire code. If you need help determining what type of extinguisher is right for your business, speak with one of our fire experts at Industrial Fire. We have been working with businesses in Houston, TX, for over seven decades. Our team can help you choose the right extinguishers for your business, and our services don’t end there!

Fire Extinguisher Services in Houston, TX

At Industrial Fire, we take fire codes and safety seriously. Our services don’t end at the sales counter. We want to ensure that all our clients know how to use their fire extinguishers. Plus, we help our customers keep their products adequately inspected and properly maintained. Learn more about our fire extinguisher services Houston, including: 

  • Fire extinguisher training 
  • Fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance  

Fire Extinguisher Training 

You might think using a portable fire extinguisher is as easy as pointing and spraying, but you need to learn how these tools work once you are called upon to use one to extinguish a fire. Unfortunately, most people have never used an extinguisher. Having an industry-leading extinguisher in your establishment will only do you good if your employees have the confidence and the experience to use it effectively.

Industrial Fire offers extinguisher training so all your employees can feel confident in their ability to extinguish a fire. We use a combination of video and in-person training sessions to demonstrate proper extinguisher use. Show all employees where extinguishers are located in your business and ensure they are easily accessible. We also discuss common fire hazards they will face and teach the P.A.S.S. method.

Additionally, we can help your business in Houston create fire safety policies and protocols and teach these to your employees as well. Of course, no company expects to have a fire, but if one occurs, your employees need more than great equipment. They need the confidence that good training provides.

Inspection and Maintenance for Fire Extinguishers

Annual fire extinguisher inspections and maintenance are required by U.S. law. Your extinguishers must be able to function effectively if there is a fire. Regular inspections, testing, and maintenance for extinguishers ensure they will not malfunction when they are called upon in an emergency. You don’t want to violate safety codes in Houston because it can be deadly in the event of a fire. Moreover, violating fire safety codes can lead to thousands of dollars in fines and embarrass your company’s reputation.

Trying to stay compliant can seem complicated. You can rest easy knowing that Industrial Fire can help inspect and maintain your extinguishers and offer fire extinguisher recharge. We want to help keep your organization compliant with local and federal regulations. To meet the minimum extinguisher compliance requirements in Houston, you must get an annual inspection, testing, and preventative maintenance that includes:


  • A visual inspection of the cylinder 
  • Nozzle inspection to ensure that there isn’t a blockage 
  • Ensure operating instructions are clearly visible 
  • Properly pressurized
  • Updated, properly dated seal wire and tag
  • Fix any issues discovered in the inspection 
  • Properly documented in


Industrial Fire can keep your establishment compliant. We can perform additional fire extinguisher inspections, testing, and repeat maintenance for more peace of mind. Don’t wait for an emergency to occur before you take fire safety seriously.

Houston Fire Extinguisher Services 

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