ABC Fire Extinguishers

Industrial Fire sells the most sought after ABC fire extinguishers including brands like ANSUL® and Amerex.

There are 5 classes of fire: Class A, B, C, D, and K.

ABC fire extinguishers can suppress Class A, B and C fires, hence the name “ABC fire extinguisher. Class A, Class B, and Class C fires are the some of the most common types of household fires.

Class A Fires are common combustibles such as wood, paper, plastic, cloth and rubber.

Class B fires are fires fueled by combustible liquids and gases. Examples of Class B combustible liquids include gasoline, car oil, and oil paints, Class B combustible gases include natural gas used for heating homes and the butane in your grandpa’s cigarette lighter.

Class C fires are fires originated by energized electrical sources. Examples include clothes dryers, space heaters, overloaded power boards, faulty wiring in your walls, and frayed extension cords.

One reason Class C fires have their own classification is that energized electrical sources should not be suppressed by water. Water is an electrical conduit, meaning you may electrify yourself if you attempt to fight the fire using water.

Industrial Fire has excellent prices on high quality, long-lasting ABC fire extinguishers including ANSUL® and Amerex. Save money by purchasing smart the first time.


Engage Industrial Fire to stay in full compliance with all of the fire codes and regulations governing ABC fire extinguisher maintenance. Simplify by consolidating vendors and enjoy peace of mind. Let Industrial Fire proactively schedule your business to keep everything up-to-date and documented behind password-protected firewall. All backed by Industrial Fire’s Rest Easy Guarantee™



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