Food Trucks Fire Suppression in Houston, TX

Semi-annual inspections are the minimum requirement for commercial kitchens and we anticipate the same with Food Trucks. This maintenance includes a semi-annual inspection with key elements. Talk to an Industrial Fire expert today for your food truck fire service needs.

Food trucks have become a staple in the food industry, and for a good reason. They offer a unique dining experience that can’t be found anywhere else. However, with great food comes great responsibility, including fire safety.

If you’re running a food truck in Houston, TX, it’s vital to ensure you have the proper fire suppression system. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of fire suppression equipment for food trucks and some of the best options for food truck owners in Houston.

Fire Suppression Systems for Food Trucks

While food trucks are an excellent option for those looking for a quick and easy meal, they can also be a fire hazard. This is because most food trucks use grease and equipment like deep fryers, grills, and other fire risks that use open flames or high heat.

If these appliances are not correctly protected, they can quickly start a fire emergency that could destroy the truck and injure employees and customers.

That’s why it’s so important to have a suppression system in place. Suppression systems are designed to automatically detect and extinguish fires before they have a chance to spread. This can help prevent extensive damage to your food truck and keep your customers and employees safe from harm.

The Importance of Fire Suppression System Maintenance

While fire suppression systems are vital to food truck safety, they are only effective if properly maintained. That’s why it’s crucial to have your system regularly inspected by a qualified technician.

During these inspections, the technician will check for potential problems and ensure the system is functioning correctly.

It’s also important to test your suppression system regularly. This will ensure that it is working correctly and is ready to go in the event of a fire. Testing can be done by setting the alarm or manually activating the system.

If you’re looking for a food truck fire suppression in Houston, TX, look no further than Industrial Fire. Are you aware we offer a variety of suppression systems that are specifically designed for food truck fires?

We also offer regular maintenance and testing services to ensure your system is always working correctly. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Industrial Fire Maintenance Services

Industrial Fire is proud to extend our fire protection and maintenance services to food trucks in Houston, TX. Don’t leave the safety of your customers, staff, and business in the hands of anyone less than a fire expert. Contact Industrial Fire.

Semi-annual inspections are the minimum requirement for commercial kitchens, and we anticipate the same will be valid for trucks that serve food too. This maintenance includes a semi-annual inspection of key system elements, including:

  • Testing the detection line and replacing fusible links
  • Confirming proper nozzle coverage, nozzle placement, nozzle positioning, nozzle height
  • Confirming power shut down in the event of system actuation, supply air shut down, exhaust fan continues
  • And more

We also install dated annual tamper seals and inspection tags after completing your semi-annual inspection and repeat preventative maintenance to ensure compliance with Houston regulations.


Choose Industrial Fire to Protect Your Food Truck in Houston

Industrial Fire is proud to be a local Houston business. We are a family-owned business founded and operated in Texas. If you’re looking for fire suppression systems, inspections, and related maintenance services for your food truck operation, don’t settle for anything less than an expert.

We have proudly served Houston with excellent service and expert-certified technicians at Industrial Fire for nearly eight decades. 

Don’t place the performance of your fire suppression system in the hands of an inexperienced company. Our track record speaks for itself, and we are happy to explain the best fire protection options for your food truck.

We will never hide costs or cut corners. At Industrial Fire, fire safety is our primary concern. So if you need a fire suppression system for your food truck in Houston, TX, contact Industrial Fire.



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