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Unfortunately, traditional fire sprinkler systems are not suitable for data centers because water damages the valuable equipment used in these facilities.

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Data centers require clean agent fire suppression systems for protection because of the delicate computer equipment housed in these facilities. Clean agents utilize a chemical reaction to quickly douse flames without the use of water. In addition, a clean agent fire protection system won’t leave behind a harmful, toxic residue.

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Clean Agent Systems in Houston, Texas

You already know that data centers require clean agent fire suppression systems for protection. The fires that occur in data centers might be smaller, but they present particular hazards.

Traditional fire sprinklers will damage the computer systems in use at your facility. However, fire protection means more than simply putting out a fire. Fire protection also means helping your business save its systems and equipment from the damage of a potential fire.

In addition, many businesses use fire extinguishers as part of their fire protection systems. While fire extinguishers can be used effectively for fire suppression in a data center, they also leave behind a residue that can also damage your computer systems.

Data center fire suppression translates into a waterless clean-agent fire suppression system. The latest clean agent systems technology uses discharge gas instead of water or powder to put out fires.

These fire suppression systems protect the data center from fire and fire suppression agents like water and powder. If your business operates a data center, you must choose a fire suppression system that meets its needs.

Data centers are growing around the U.S. Industrial Fire anticipates growing demand for data center fire suppression systems that use clean agents. Our dedicated fire protection team will help your company choose the right fire suppression system for your data center in Houston, TX.

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