Fire Suppression Systems in Houston

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Industrial Fire TX is dedicated to delivering top-notch fire suppression services in Houston, TX. Our extensive range of fire protection solutions ensures the safety and security of properties and businesses throughout the Greater Houston Area. As a trusted fire protection company, we specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining advanced fire suppression systems tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

ANSUL® Fire Suppression Systems

Industrial Fire TX is proud to offer ANSUL® fire suppression systems, which are renowned for their reliability and effectiveness in combating fires. These systems are designed to provide rapid response and suppression in various environments, ensuring minimal damage and maximum safety. Our ANSUL® systems are ideal for industrial, commercial, and residential applications, providing peace of mind with cutting-edge fire protection technology.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Clean agent fire suppression systems are crucial for environments where traditional water-based systems might cause damage to sensitive equipment and valuable assets. At Industrial Fire TX, we offer state-of-the-art clean agent fire suppression systems that use gases like FM-200 and NOVEC 1230 to extinguish fires without leaving residue. These systems are perfect for data centers, server rooms, and other critical infrastructure, providing effective fire suppression while preserving the integrity of your equipment.

Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

Our wet chemical fire suppression systems are optimal for kitchens and other environments prone to grease fires. These systems are designed to combat fires involving cooking oils and fats, using a chemical agent that rapidly cools and smothers the flames. Industrial Fire TX’s wet chemical fire suppression systems are essential for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and other food service establishments in Houston, Texas, ensuring compliance with fire codes and safeguarding lives and property.

CO2 Fire Suppression Systems

CO2 fire suppression systems are highly effective in protecting electrical and electronic equipment from fire. These systems quickly displace oxygen in the protected area, suffocating the fire without damaging your equipment. At Industrial Fire TX, we provide expert installation and maintenance of CO2 fire suppression systems, making them ideal for manufacturing plants, laboratories, and other environments where water or chemical agents might be unsuitable.

Comprehensive Fire Protection Services

Industrial Fire TX offers a wide range of fire protection services to meet all your safety needs:

  • System Installation: Professional installation of ANSUL®, clean agent, wet chemical, and CO2 fire suppression systems.
  • Inspection Services: Regular inspections to ensure your fire suppression systems function optimally and comply with fire codes.
  • Maintenance Services: Routine maintenance to keep your systems in top condition, ready to protect at a moment’s notice.
  • Emergency Services: 24/7 emergency services to address any fire protection issues promptly and effectively.
  • Monitoring Services: Monitor your fire suppression systems to ensure they are always ready to respond.

Service Area

Industrial Fire TX proudly serves the Greater Houston Area, including Houston, Deer Park, League City, and San Antonio. We are dedicated to meeting the safety needs of property owners and business owners across this region.

Why Choose Industrial Fire TX?

As a leading fire protection company, we prioritize your safety and peace of mind. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services that meet the highest safety and reliability standards. Whether you need a new system installation, regular inspections, or emergency services, Industrial Fire TX is your trusted partner for all your fire protection and security needs.

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