Commercial Kitchen Hood Inspection & Installation in Houston

The Industrial Fire team has provided fire protection to commercial kitchens since the earliest days of pre-engineered kitchen fire suppression systems.

Industrial Fire provides kitchen fire suppression for any facility in the Houston area.

Our fire protection services extend beyond fire extinguishers and fire alarms. At Industrial Fire, we proudly offer our customers the best kitchen fire suppression systems available in Houston, TX.

The systems we sell meet all NFPA requirements. Plus, our team will follow a strict inspection schedule to keep your fire suppression system maintained and adequately tagged for the fire marshal.

The Importance of Kitchen Fire Suppression

Commercial kitchens are more likely to experience devastating fires than most other facilities. These facilities have numerous hot surfaces and flammable substances like grease. Grease fires and commercial kitchen fires burn fast and out of control. Often, fire extinguishers and sprinklers are not enough to control the flames of these fires.

In addition, many business owners unintentionally let their kitchen facilities go under-protected from fire risks. Focused on running the business, they sometimes leave their employees, customers, and properties vulnerable. Fire protection is not something your business can afford to ignore.

The best way to mitigate the risks of commercial kitchen fires is to install a fire suppression system. Several quality options are available that extinguish fires quickly before they can get out of hand and cause severe damage to life and property.

An ANSUL® Fire Suppression System Distributor

The Industrial Fire team has protected commercial kitchens from fire since the earliest days of pre-engineered fire suppression systems for kitchen vent hoods. In 1978, the ANSUL® Company granted Industrial Fire a distributorship. We are extremely proud of our partnership with such a storied and decorated company as ANSUL®.

Industrial Fire’s experts have the highest level of certification and have received all the appropriate manufacturer’s training. As a result, we’re the only company you need to inspect, provide required preventative maintenance, or upgrade whichever ANSUL® system you currently own.

We can also design and install the most appropriate kitchen vent hood fire suppression system for your operation. As a result, most work can be performed with little or no interruption to your business.

Whether it’s a busy restaurant that serves thousands of meals a day or a mom-and-pop diner with limited hours, Industrial Fire will give you peace of mind with our fire protection services. We only use the industry’s best fire suppression systems. We know our neighbors in Houston want the best services and products to protect their businesses.

Emergency Fire Services in the Houston Area

Customers can opt into Industrial Fire’s Emergency after-hours service[1]. It is always on – just like you- and available 24/7/365 with guaranteed response times to reduce downtime and minimize lost revenue in the unfortunate occasion of a fire event or system discharge.

Industrial Fire is a recognized leader in kitchen fire suppression. Count on us to provide the utmost protection for your operation. We handle all aspects of fire protection, from kitchen hoods and extinguishers to fire sprinkler system inspection and maintenance. In addition, check out our preventative maintenance service below.

Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Semi-annual per NFPA 17A, NFPA 96, and Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Annual per NFPA 17A, NFPA 96, and Manufacturer’s Guidelines

12-year Hydrostatic Testing

[1] Active Service Agreement and current with payment terms required for Emergency After-Hours Service 24/7/365

Fire Suppression Systems in Houston, TX

Industrial Fire has proudly served Houston with great service and expert-certified technicians for nearly eight decades.

Industrial Fire is proud to call the Houston area home. We are a family-owned business founded and operated in Texas. If you’re looking for a fire suppression system and related services, don’t settle for anything less than an expert.

Don’t trust the performance of your fire suppression system to an inexperienced company. Our track record speaks for itself, and we are happy to explain what your business needs and why.

We will never hide costs or cut corners. At Industrial Fire, fire safety is our primary concern. So, if you need a fire suppression system in Houston, TX, look no further than Industrial Fire.


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