Is your business looking for ANSUL® system installation in Houston, Texas? At Industrial Fire, we know ANSUL® systems inside and out.

Our service technicians have been recognized as an industry leader in ANSUL® fire suppression system installation and inspections. Get fire protection for your business, and install an ANSUL® system today. 

ANSUL® fire suppression systems are one of the industry leaders in fire protection. The fire suppression systems created by ANSUL® are sophisticated and offer businesses a range of options that use residue-less fire protection fluids and clean suppression agents. If you want to install a sophisticated ANSUL® fire suppression system in your business, you need an expert. 

Industrial Fire has been installing, inspecting, and maintaining ANSUL® products for over 40 years. Our experienced technicians are ANSUL® experts, and we offer a full range of ANSUL® services to our customers in the Houston area. 

Industrial Fire’s ANSUL® Services 

Business owners looking for ANSUL® fire suppression systems want more than just a fair price. They want reliable service, timely installation, and work guaranteed to pass fire marshal inspections. ANSUL® systems are highly specialized, and many fire protection companies can’t install them properly. If your business invests in a sophisticated fire protection product, make sure you have it installed by an expert. 

At Industrial Fire, our ANSUL® system services include:

  • System design
  • Installation 
  • Inspection and maintenance 

System Design 

Every business is different. When you decide to purchase and install an ANSUL® fire suppression system, the system must be designed to fit your location. Industrial Fire is proud to offer our customers system design services that they can count on. We guarantee that the ANSUL® system we design for your business will follow all guidelines established by ANSUL®, NFPA, the Texas State Fire Marshal, the Texas Department of Insurance, and your local Houston area AHJ (authority having jurisdiction). 

An improperly designed system might not work properly if there is a fire in your business, it might not pass a fire marshal inspection, and it could even affect your insurance payout after a fire. So if you’re investing in an ANSUL® fire suppression system, make sure a team of experts designs it. 


Proper installation is vital to the function of your ANSUL® fire system. Unfortunately, you would be surprised how many fire protection companies improperly install these systems. Improper installation could result in severe fire damage if your system is ever called upon to put out a fire. Plus, improper installation could affect your insurance coverage and even increase your liability if someone is hurt or killed in a fire. 

Industrial Fire has been installing ANSUL® systems for over four decades. We make sure every system is installed properly. So when you choose Industrial Fire for your ANSUL® installation, you can rest easy knowing your business has one of the most sophisticated fire protection systems. 

Inspection and Maintenance 

Regular inspection and maintenance ensure that your ANSUL® system is ready to protect your business should it ever be necessary. Hopefully, your business never has a fire, but you need to be prepared if there is a fire. Business owners need an ANSUL® expert to regularly perform required semi-annual maintenance on their system to ensure the system is functioning properly and actually puts out fires. 

At Industrial Fire, we do more than install these sophisticated fire suppression systems; our team also provides inspection and maintenance services. So when you choose Industrial Fire, you get a fire protection partner who will work with you to ensure that your system continues to function at optimal levels even if you never have to use it. 


Why Industrial Fire?

Industrial Fire has been an ANSUL® distributor since 1978. When you are an Industrial Fire customer, you receive service from highly skilled people whose training involves ongoing certifications from the ANSUL® Company. Industrial Fire is a recognized leader in ANSUL® installations and ANSUL® inspections. Count on us to provide the utmost protection for your business. 

We have installed ANSUL® systems in a wide variety of businesses ranging from fast-food chains to universities and small, local businesses and restaurants. If you’re interested in installing an ANSUL® system in your business, contact us today. 



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