Commercial Kitchen Fire Extinguisher Requirements 

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May 7,2022

If you run a restaurant, you will want to understand all of the kitchen fire extinguisher requirements that apply to your business. Failure to comply with the fire safety regulations of your local jurisdiction can lead to costly fines, fire damage, injuries, or even cause your business to be shut down. 

Fire extinguishers are not the first line of fire protection for commercial cooking operations. However, this doesn’t mean that possessing and maintaining the proper fire extinguishing equipment is not important. Cooking equipment operates at very high temperatures and can produce grease-laden vapors, which is a recipe for a kitchen fire. 

In most cases, fire suppression systems extinguish kitchen fires quickly and safely. However, there might be a time when you or your employees need to use a fire extinguisher to put out a kitchen fire before it can spread. If you value fire safety, make sure the fire extinguishers in your commercial kitchens are up to code. 

Commercial Kitchen Fire Extinguisher Requirements

Which Fire Extinguishers are Appropriate for a Restaurant Fire?

If you are unfamiliar with fire protection, you might be surprised to learn that fire extinguishers are designed to combat different types of fire hazards. In commercial cooking operations, fires are commonly fueled by highly flammable liquids like cooking oils or grease buildup. These are Class K fires, and only Class K fire extinguishers will be able to put them out. 

The first fire protection step you should take is to ensure that you have the proper fire extinguishers in your commercial kitchen. You should have no difficulty locating the label on the tank that states which class of fire extinguisher you have. If you don’t have a Class K fire extinguisher, you should acquire the proper fire extinguishing equipment for your commercial kitchen. 

Don’t assume that any fire extinguishers you have will work on cooking fires. Water and other classes of extinguishers won’t put out cooking fires, and they might even help them spread and do more damage to your business. Kitchen fires fueled by grease-laden vapors, hot cooking surfaces, and other flammable liquids can get out of hand quickly. 

In the event of a fire, you need the proper fire protection equipment in place. Failure to have the proper equipment is not only a recipe for disaster, but it is also negligent. Take care of your restaurant, employees, and patrons by installing the proper fire safety equipment. 

What Additional Steps Do I Need to Take to Protect My Restaurant? 

Simply having Class K fire extinguishers is not sufficient from a fire safety standpoint. So what else can you do to promote safety and enhance fire protection in your commercial kitchens? Beyond having the proper fire extinguishing system, you need to do two things regularly:

Regular inspections and training sessions with employees are essential to promoting fire safety in commercial kitchens

Inspection and Maintenance 

Routine inspection and maintenance are required for all fire suppression systems and your fire extinguishing system. In addition, your fire alarms, cooking equipment, exhaust duct systems, and more will also need to be properly inspected and maintained to remain compliant with fire codes in your locality. 

Local authorities can inspect your commercial kitchen without any notice to ensure that you are compliant with local regulations. Every component of your fire protection system will have different inspection and maintenance requirements. Don’t assume that just because your fire suppression system requires semi-annual inspections and maintenance that your fire extinguishers or fire alarms will have the same requirements. 

According to the standards set forth by NFPA 96, a fire extinguishing system must be inspected and maintained every six months. In addition to the fire extinguishers themselves, all control components, including remote manual pull stations, mechanical and electrical devices, detectors, and actuators, must be tested to ensure they are operating properly. 

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Having great fire protection equipment provides your business little to no value if your employees don’t know how to use it. In addition to proper inspection and maintenance, NFPA 96 regulations also require every employee and kitchen staff member to be trained on the use of portable fire extinguishers and the manual actuation of the kitchen fire extinguishing system and the fire suppression system

Employers are required to provide training for their employees on an annual basis to remain compliant with NFPA 96. Employee training should be taken very seriously. After all, in the event of a fire, the chances are likely that they will need to respond. Proper training reduces mistakes and leads to better outcomes. 

Training could very well be the difference between a fire that is quickly extinguished and a fire that quickly spreads and damages your business or hurts your employees or patrons. So don’t underestimate the value of fire safety training for all of your employees. 

Find a Dedicated Fire Safety Partner 

Beyond purchasing the proper equipment, ensuring it is properly maintained and inspected, and training your staff, your restaurant must find a dedicated fire protection partner. A skilled fire safety company will not only be able to sell you the equipment you need, but they will also help you install, inspect, maintain, and train your staff. 

There are many companies out there that claim to offer great service and products, but unless you take your time to read reviews and evaluate their service offerings, you won’t know if they represent the best choice for your business. 

At Industrial Fire, we take immense pride in providing exceptional service to the Houston community. As a family-owned enterprise established and managed in the heart of Texas, we have built a solid reputation in the field of Class K fire extinguishers and associated services. With Industrial Fire, you can trust you’re working with seasoned professionals.

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Entrusting your fire suppression system to an untested company is a risk you cannot afford to take. At Industrial Fire, our proven track record stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. We are always transparent about your business’s requirements and the rationale behind them.

Rest assured, we never conceal charges or take shortcuts. At Industrial Fire, your fire safety is our top priority. For all your Class K extinguisher needs in Houston, TX, Industrial Fire is the only name to remember.

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