What are three common types of fire protection systems?

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Feb 1,2023
What are the three types of fire protection systems

At Industrial Fire, we are the experts in fire safety and want to make sure you’re always protected. As a business owner or owner of a commercial building, you must understand what you can do to prevent a fire from breaking out. Learn more about fire protection systems, and what are the three types of fire protection systems? And the reasons why you need to install one as soon as possible.

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What is A Fire Protection System?

A fire protection system exists to keep you, your employees, your customers, and your building free from fire damage or even worse outcomes. It’s a necessary system to have in place that helps control the amount of possible damage that may occur in the event of a fire. It not only protects your building from damage but, most importantly, the occupants in the space. 

What are the three types of fire protection systems?

1. Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems (for paint booths)

A dry chemical fire suppression system is one of the most common types of fire protection systems. These are often required at body shops, collision centers, and auto dealerships.

2. Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems (for Kitchens)

Some people use street slang and call this “the ANSUL®.” Other manufacturers provide approved systems like Amerex, Buckeye, and others (and Industrial Fire offers those). ANSUL® holds the dominant #1 market share position in commercial kitchen fire suppression. The ANSUL® distributorship is coveted, exclusive, and very difficult to obtain and keep due to rigorous standards. Industrial Fire has been an ANSUL® distributor since the 1970s. A kitchen space where food is cooked and prepared is a common place for a fire to break out in a commercial space. Therefore, you may want to consider installing an ANSUL® that is easy to use and perfect for this type of scenario. In fact, according to Eater, more than 8,000 restaurants alone catch fire each year and cause extensive property damage.

3. Portable Fire Extinguishers 

In addition to having fire alarms and emergency exit lighting in your commercial building, you must also have portable fire extinguishers in place. This common type of fire protection system acts as the first line of defense if a fire breaks out. You need to have the right type of fire extinguisher installed for your particular building, so reach out to our team for expert advice

Reasons to Install A Fire Protection System

There are several good reasons why you should install a fire protection system in your commercial building and keep up with regular maintenance. For starters, it helps prevent property damage, keeps patrons and employees safe, and you can sleep soundly at night knowing you have protection around the clock. It’s also an effective way to quickly notify the emergency crews of a problem.

Next Steps

Now you know the answer to “what are the three types of fire protection systems.” Do you require new fire protection systems at your commercial building, or is it time for maintenance to be performed? Then get in touch with our team today to set up an appointment or an inspection with Industrial Fire Protection so we can ensure that you are well-protected should you have a fire.

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