Has your business had an emergency lighting inspection recently? Emergency and exit lights might not be the first part of your fire protection efforts that you think about, but they are just as important as fire alarm systems. 

Fires create chaos and confusion. During this confusion, clear and prominent emergency lighting is critical to help people and first responders visualize their surroundings and find the building’s exits. 

Sadly, emergency light inspections are not a priority for many businesses. However, remember that annual emergency lighting inspections are required by NFPA 101, which has been adopted by the Texas Department of Insurance and the State Fire Marshal’s Office. 

Industrial Fire Emergency Light Inspections 

Annual inspections of emergency lighting and exit lights is a minimum requirement to meet NFPA standards. All of your building’s exit signs, exit lights, and emergency lights must pass the 90-minute test annually. 

The 90-minute test proves that your emergency lighting can stay on for at least 90 consecutive minutes during a power outage. Industrial Fire performs in-depth system inspections of every exit sign and light. 

Our team of skilled technicians ensures that every light and internal battery used in your commercial property passes the 90-minute test. 

In addition, we replace any batteries that require replacement and generate a detailed status report that shows your organization the status of every emergency light and exit sign on your property. 

Industrial Fire Emergency Light Maintenance 

In addition to performing thorough inspections, our skilled team of fire protection experts at Industrial Fire also complete regular preventative maintenance on emergency lighting. Regular maintenance goes beyond replacing batteries. 

Our technicians will generate a detailed report after your inspection that describes every maintenance action that needs to be completed to guarantee full compliance with laws and regulations.

Industrial Fire will install dated inspection tags after your annual maintenance. When the fire marshal visits your business or commercial property for a surprise inspection, you can rest easy knowing you chose to work with the skilled team at Industrial Fire. 

Full Compliance Equals Peace of Mind 

Beyond the legal requirements, having a properly functioning emergency lighting system provides peace of mind. If the unthinkable should happen, you know that you have taken every possible step to protect and aid the people who bring so much value to your business. 

Industrial Fire: Here to Protect You

At Industrial Fire, we are passionate about fire protection. In addition to inspecting emergency lights, we offer various important fire safety services. We are proud to be a local Houston, TX, business that has been family-owned and operated for nearly eight decades. 

We are passionate about helping our Houston neighbors reduce the chaos caused by a fire. A fire might start because of events outside your control, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit idly by and let it injure your employees and destroy your property. 

When you’re ready to install, inspect, or maintain emergency lights, contact the skilled, local team of fire experts at Industrial Fire. You won’t find more thorough emergency lighting inspection services in Houston, TX. 



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