Industrial Fire is a recognized leader in kitchen fire suppression. Count on us to provide the utmost protection for your operation.

Years ago, kitchen fire protection used dry chemical extinguishing systems. That ended with UL-300. Modern kitchens are required to use wet chemical extinguishing systems to protect hoods, duct, plenum, and appliances.

The wet chemical extinguishing system does a number of things including a process called saponification. Saponification essentially means the wet chemical extinguishing system creates a “soapy blanket” over the fire that starves the fire of oxygen. Saponification also helps rapidly knock down the temperature. Rapid cooling reduces the risk of re-flash.

Since 1977, Industrial Fire has been a trusted supplier of Amerex products. Additionally, in 1978, the ANSUL® Company awarded Industrial Fire with an official distributorship. Whether it’s a busy restaurant that serves thousands of meals a day or a mom-and-pop diner with limited hours, Industrial Fire will give you peace of mind.

Tags are good for six months on wet chemical extinguishing systems. This means semi-annual preventative maintenance is required. The team of experts at Industrial Fire boasts top-tier certifications and has completed all necessary manufacturer training. As your one-stop solution, we can inspect, maintain, and upgrade any existing system, as well as design and install the most suitable kitchen hood fire suppression system for your needs.

We ensure minimal disruption to your business during most of our work. Additionally, Industrial Fire offers an Emergency after-hours service option, available 24/7/365 with guaranteed response times to minimize downtime and loss of revenue in the event of a fire or system discharge.

Trust Industrial Fire as a prominent authority in the field of kitchen fire suppression, dedicated to providing the highest level of safety for your business. Start now

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We provide fast response and immediate service. Contact us below and speak to a fire prevention expert today.



We provide fast response and immediate service. Contact us below and speak to a fire prevention expert today.

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