Do fire extinguishers need to be serviced annually?

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Jan 17,2024
Do fire extinguishers need to be serviced annually

A fire extinguisher is a perfect system and solution to have available to you in case a fire breaks out. It can save lives and help contain fires as the emergency crews are alerted. Do fire extinguishers need to be serviced annually? You may not know that fire extinguishers need to be serviced annually and where to get expert advice and services performed. 

You have a lot of responsibility when you own commercial buildings or are a business owner. One is putting fire safety measures in place and ensuring your building and people are always protected.

It’s essential that you know what’s required under the law and that you are proactive to stay safe. Continue reading for more details and to find out how our team at Industrial Fire can help you. 

Do Fire Extinguishers Need to be Serviced Annually? Yes

The short answer here is yes, a fire extinguisher should receive annual preventative maintenance inspections. This is considered basic or routine maintenance. It should always be done by a licensed, professional fire protection company such as Industrial Fire.

A hydrostatic test will also be performed at required intervals which are determined by the manufacture date stamped into the shell of the fire extinguishers. The hydrostatic test is every 12 years for an ABC extinguisher. So if an ABC extinguisher was manufactured in 2024, then 2024 is stamped onto the shell, and the hydrostatic test is required 12 years after 2024 in 2036. This way, we can ensure that it is code compliant and notify you of any potential hazards. 

A rechargeable fire extinguisher may last decades, depending on the environment.

Proper Fire Extinguisher Maintenance 

It’s important that you follow proper fire extinguisher maintenance measures and recommended protocols. Always be on the lookout for any physical damage, corrosion, or exterior rust. Ensure the fire extinguisher is easily accessible as well. 

Get in the habit of checking the pressure and cleaning it monthly. Every six years, ABC fire extinguishers must receive an internal examination by a licensed professional like Industrial Fire. You should visually inspect your extinguishers on your own each month. 

Signs You Should Replace Your Fire Extinguisher

You must be proactive and know when it’s time to replace your fire extinguisher. Start by looking for dents or signs of corrosion on the outside. For example, your fire extinguisher might leak or overcharge if the pressure meter is in the “red” zone. 

You must have a licensed professional like Industrial Fire either refill or recharge your fire extinguisher after each use. You should replace the cylinder if there are physical damages or rust and corrosion. Always confirm the safety pin is in place and hasn’t been accidentally discharged and that there are safety seal tags present. Finally, the fire extinguisher will need replacing if the instructions are not legible or clear to read.

Does Your Fire Extinguisher Need Servicing? At least once annually, yes.

If you are unsure if your fire extinguisher needs replacing or recharging, we can look for you and advise you on the next steps. Get in touch with us at Industrial Fire immediately if your fire extinguisher needs servicing or requires a new one altogether. 

We also offer Industrial Fire Protection Services in Houston if you are interested. Reach out to learn more and have all your questions answered. 

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