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Apr 12,2024

Surprisingly, in the US, there are approximately 16,500 office and store fires each year, causing a staggering $932 million in direct property damage. This figure highlights that fire remains a prominent issue within the workplace, signaling a clear need for enhanced protective measures.

To develop better risk prevention methods, having accurate and up-to-date data is crucial. For this reason, we have compiled a comprehensive list of workplace fire statistics for 2024, aiming to inform and guide future safety protocols.

Workplace Fire Key Statistics

In the US, a significant 32% of non-residential fires occur in offices, highlighting the vulnerability of these workspaces to fire-related incidents.

32 percent of non-residential fires occur in offices

Source: Zipdo

Moreover, the predominant cause of fires in offices and stores is attributed to cooking. Alarmingly, a considerable portion of these fires (11.2%) are intentional, which includes acts of arson.

Cooking is the leading cause of office and store fires

Source: USFA

Exploring the statistics further, MCR Safety reveals that work-related burn injuries account for 8% of the total burn injuries in the US. 

Electrical incidents also pose a significant hazard, with electrical fires making up 22% of workplace fires. Alongside this, it’s alarming to note that there are 5 to 10 arc flash accidents happening daily across the U.S.

In the world of oil and gas, an alarming 16% of fatalities result from fires and explosions, underscoring the need for heightened safety measures in this sector.

Workplace Fires by Building Type

When examining the occurrence of workplace fires by building type, private non-residential buildings emerge as the most susceptible.

Primary fire statistics

Source: Checkmate Fire

Furthermore, while a majority of fires remain contained within their room of origin, an alarming number—over 2,000 annually—escalate to engulf entire buildings.

Non-dwelling fire spread statistics

Source: Checkmate Fire

Workplace Fires Around the World

Fire incidents are not confined to any single region; they are a global concern.

In the UK, the year 2019 saw a total of 1,333 workplace fires, which tragically led to 48 fatalities.

2019 UK saw a total of 1,333 workplace fires, which tragically led to 48 fatalities

Source: Zipdo

Japan faces a particularly disturbing trend, with arson accounting for 36% of workplace fires. This highlights the need for comprehensive security measures in addition to standard fire safety practices.

Japan faces a particularly disturbing trend, with arson accounting for 36 of workplace fires

Source: Zipdo

Another disturbing fact is about Singapore. Even though workplace fires account for over 20% of all fires in Singapore, the average cost of a workplace fire is $287,000.

average cost of a workplace fire is $287,000

Source: Zipdo

The last stat comes from Australia. And although Australia has 45,000 and 60,000 bushfires each year, workplace fires nearly represents 4% of their total fires.

Austrailia workplace fires nearly represents 4 of their total fires

Source: Zipdo

As you can see, workplace fires are a universal challenge. Incidents are reported from every corner of the globe, emphasizing the importance of fire safety as an international priority.


In summary, the occurrence of workplace fires remains a significant threat to businesses and employees alike.

The data highlighted here clearly illustrates the urgent necessity to enhance fire safety protocols and heighten awareness in different sectors and locales. It is absolutely essential for companies to prioritize the implementation of comprehensive fire prevention tactics, thorough staff education, and prepared emergency action procedures to reduce the potential dangers.

The data also serves as a stark reminder that fire safety is not just a local concern but a global imperative. 

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